Our Story

. Established in 1975 Kitchen Vogue have nurtured and developed an outstanding reputation for professionalism and expert Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Renovation. A feature of the Wellingborough Road for a number of years the company has formed a solid design team backed by a superb fitting team all employed and trained by the company to its exceedingly high standards.

.With the Kitchen acting as the heart and hub of the household alongside the bathroom being one of the most active rooms also, it is imperative that absolute care and attention is taken when planning and fitting either. Kitchen Vogue has developed a method that combines both cutting edge technology and traditional methods to ensure the perfect fit. The combination of excellent computer accuracy and the attention to detail involved with hand drawn blueprint, Kitchen Vogue is perhaps one of the most unique design studios around, feel free to contact us for a brief discussion or indeed a no obligation survey and plan of your project.

From Design to Completion

.Kitchen Vogue offer the complete project from design to installation and take care of every aspect along the way. This method begins with a visit or consult with the designer who will then visit the property for a no obligation measure, following the visit your personal designer will take all the information provided, along with your ideas, and set about hand drawing the design to specification. Following the hand drawn plan a brief input into a CAD rendering system will bring your design to life! 

Once decided you will be assigned a fitting team to begin the project, the following are included in the project;

Removal of existing units

Plastering Ceiling & Wall 

Tiling Wall & Floor 


Alongside many others at request.

Please feel free to get in touch with Kitchen Vogue to start your project off click here...